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Every good aspect of mountain town life you’ve heard is true. It’s easy to make friends (you have SO much in common with each new person you meet), it’s pretty much always prettier than where you came from, and words like “rush hour,” “corporate,” and “hard work,” can be a thing of the past.

Key word: can. 

Today Twitter did what hard work couldn’t or wouldn’t.

The hubs and I are under contract on a quaint little mountain home in Breckenridge, Colorado. We love the mountain life so much that we decided to settle down and spend a ton of money on a mortgage. But like anything in life, we’re experiencing a few minor hiccups.


  • We had asked for a 60-day closing, to close on May 31, 2012.
  • We had submitted all paperwork requested by April 25, 2012.
  • We have been in constant contact with our lender, seller, agent, mom, friends, etc. during the entire period
  • We are excited (!)

On Tuesday, we knew our closing day was coming up and asked our lender (RC at Wells Fargo) if there was anything they needed prior to the Big Day. “We should be good,” he says. “I’ll keep you in the loop.” Two days go by and nothing. We email. We call. We do everything but send out smoke signals before we find out “we may have to push up closing a bit, but I don’t really know the issue.”

So we move to Friday.

Friday comes along and again, nothing. We may be closing any second and we reach out to RC every moment to get something out of them… and still nothing.

So I decided to sick the Twitterverse on Wells Fargo. A quick search brought up @Ask_WellsFargo – an account dedicated to customer service. I tweeted at them, they got back to me 20 minutes later with a request for a DM with more details. I sent it on and BOOM. @ask_wellsfargo  on Twitter

Christina (aka Mortgage Angel) calls. After a bit of information exchanged, by the end of the day she’s worked with RC’s boss at the branch, the underwriter’s boss, and the processor’s boss to figure out what else is needed and how we could get to closing on Monday (5 days late).

What RC couldn’t do for us in 62 days, Twitter did in an hour and a half.

Sure, life in a mountain town is sweet, adorable, fun, freeing, and easy going — but it’s the less ambitious work ethic that you don’t quite realize may affect you. Some people work their butts to the bone (I’ve seen lifties with frostbite that are still bumping chairs) but others are a bit more laissez faire. RC could have done a lot more for us to move the system along or to just keep us more informed. He took a back seat so I took the wheel.

Hopefully we’ll close on Monday. Hopefully we’ll move in in June. But two things I don’t have to hope for: we’ll love it in Breckenridge and I will never sacrifice hard work for anything.

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